Monday, October 26


Happy Monday!
Yeah, I know it's monday! =.= But hopefully my selection of colours will brighten up your day a little. There's something about yellow and grey that attracts me. I find it classy, energetic and preppy without being too overwhelming (if you know what I mean) >.<
Please refer to the kinks below the image for the wonderful people who made these items.

  1. Catherine Deneuve - GREY ON YELLOW by lakeillustration
  2. Pencil Sketches Flower Clutch by Shakuyaku
  3. Grey Poupon Fox by sleepyking
  4. Hooray for Houndstooth (yellow) by LuckyBluebirdArt
  5. They Call Me Mellow Yellow Little Guy Tie by butteredtoast
  6. I have a Yellow Heart - double brooch by krize
  7. T shirt cassette tape bicycle sillhouette by sweetbabu

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