Wednesday, October 21

Deb Kennedy's original 'Sweet Sweater Pumpkin' design


Wednesdays are good, cos its the middle of the week, and 2 more days to the weekend! Yay!

Today I'd like to share with you this wonderful idea by Deb Kennedy. She made these lovely and classy pumpkins out of sweaters! How brilliant is that? It is such a fresh take away from the usual orange, and besides, you dont even need to use real pumpkins and have then rot when Halloween is over =]

I can just imagine cuddling up to one of these pumpkins any time of the year! Besides the plushie factor, I absolutely love that knitted lace sweaters could be used as shown in her picture. I'm a sucker for lace!

Thanks to Deb, who has graciously granted permission to share this on my blog, and she has also generously shared the tutorial to make these lovelies on her blog here.

* 'Photo credit Deb Kennedy 2009; Used with permission; All rights reserved.'

What a Delightful Halloween alternative, don't you think? It'll make a fantastic keepsake too!

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