Wednesday, October 21

More Halloween Cuteness!

Hi all,

This will be the last post about Halloween alternatives. I've saved the best for last ;] These sweet little cuties are special and one of a kind! It'll be a nice change to display these instead of the typical halloween 'meanies' we see each year!

*All images from respective links and are not my own.
  2. FELTED PUMPKINS by Jordana Paige
  3. TRIGUN KURO NEKO PLUSH for sale here
  4. Owl Plushies by Night Owl Paper Goods

So there you have it! The tutorial for the pumpkin snowflakes by Merilee and the felted pumpkins by Jordana can be found at their respective links above. The little black cat plushie is actually a character from a Japanese anime! But i thought it would just do the trick for a friendlier Halloween =]

Finally, I have got to tell you how very smitten I am with the Owl Plushies made by Night Owl Paper Goods! <3>.<

Besides, another point to admire is that the folks at Night Owl Paper Goods have made these cuties completely out of repurposed sweaters and natural elements. So, what's not to love about them? Whoot to Night Owl Paper Goods! =]

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