Thursday, October 15

Our Home


My husband and I both live in a small (really small) flat/apartment. It's got 2 rooms, and a tiny kitchen. Despite the size, I guess we have come to love our home (plus its easier to keep it clean).

I just wanted to start off my blog with a picture taken from my home =] Its an organza fabric embroidered with flower motifs. I'm supposed to turn it into a sheer 'door curtain' (if there is such a thing!) so that we can have the door open without people peeking in all the time! But then, thanks to my procrastination and my tendency to want to do so many 'other things', it has not been sewn yet (*sigh). I should probably get it done by this month.

I try my best to make our small 'nest' as cozy as possible with cushions and crafts that I made along the way. I hope to share those with you soon, together with all the simple and lovely things that I really like.

Owh and by the way, I really do love lace!

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