Tuesday, November 10

10 DAYS TO "I DO" #1


Today, exactly 2 years ago, we were finally married!!! We had a simple but cosy church wedding in our church. Our friends did a great job making the place look so beautiful, and the Lord blessed us with the Pastor's wife, who insisted that there must be flowers in the decor! Also, we were blessed by my boss's sister who made a real cake for us to cut and share! My bridesmaids were simply beautiful and gorgeous, and I had 2 handsome page boys, and 2 pretty little flower girls (who were my students =]) . Most of my students and their parents came, and it meant a lot to me =]

It was a great wedding for us, more than we ever expected, simple but full of heart and warmth from the company of friends and family. We often look back and still feel that if we could do it again, we'd have it exactly the same.

When the ceremony and dinner was all over, and the make-up was made-down =] he looked at me and said, 'We're finally married!' I think till now, words cannot express how happy we felt!

We were very fortunate to have Pastor and his wife, along with a few others who counseled us before we got married.

One of the things that Pastor said to us was ' its not the wedding, but the marriage that matters'.
So, are we there yet? No! We've just begun! =] And I thank the Lord for all he has provided for us thus far. And if you ask, I don't think there should be suffer-ring after the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Rather, I hope that we will divide the load and share the joys while God sustains our love for one another.

So, to the man I love forever, this is my gift for you, on our 2nd Anniversary =] Our life is simple and I love it the way it is, as long as you have me and I have you and God loves us. I look forward to growing old with you, (and hiding your newspapers for the many years to come! lol =D).

"grow old with me, the best is yet to be" ~ Robert Browning


  1. Blessed day to you both!! =) What's with the newspaper?! Xp..

  2. Thanks again, =p and also for reading my stuff, hahaha the newspaper... Its a competitor, lols and he 'needs' the Sunday newspapers (like flips every page of it, divides by section once he gets hold of it...) so i like to hide it, and see his face...so funny and cute =D

  3. how can u hide the newspaper?!?
    it's such an essential thing.. especially the back page of the sunday papers.. LOL! XP

  4. hehehehe, its my hobby to hide newspapers =]
    cheap entertainment >.<

  5. That's so cute!! Xp.. maybe next time i should hide the remote control from Matt when there's football showing.. Xp..