Monday, November 9

10 DAYS TO "I DO" #2


image by Tarlia from here

On 14th of March 2007, we went to the place where we first celebrated our freedom to date each other =] We ordered a messy sundae, just like the last time!

Six years together! So much has happened. We were apart for at least 2years, suffered the loss of loved ones together, picked each other up when one was down, learnt the art of communicating (and still learning =]) and a whole lot more. Of course not all moments are sweet and carefree, lovey-dovey for us. We had our differences and learnt to compromise and sort things out. I am very fortunate to belong to a very patient man =]

Apart from that, when we think about it, God was really gracious and merciful to us, patiently guiding us through the journey up till now. Looking back, I am glad we went through these years. Till today, we have made so many memories that I hope will give us strength for whatever lies ahead.

So, back to the messy sundae. =] While waiting for it to come, he commented about how coincidental and appropriate that the restaurant was playing a medley love songs. Then, he said, "when I propose to you, should I kneel?" and then I laughed and said, "please don't kneel! I might laugh out loud!" And then he said " In that case, would you give me your hand?" I was very surprised, and even now as I type I am blushing >.< "will you marry me?" and I said " yes, yes of course I will!" And then the sundae came.

So, didn't I tell you it was deja-vu, but better? =]


  1. AWWWWW~~ That's so sweet!! Xp.. why will you laugh if he kneels?! Hahahaha..

  2. Wen, I really don't know why i would laugh... I just knew I would >.<
    I'm the 'easily amused' type...laughs easily (shy)