Sunday, November 8

10 DAYS TO "I DO" #4


About after a year of courtship, it was time for us to say good-bye, well at least for some time =[
It was time for him to go to Perth for studies. It was such a 'bittersweet' moment as our Pastor put it. Bitter because of separation, but sweet because we knew that he got accepted into a good university.

There were many questions and fears that we had. Would we survive being apart? Would we find someone better while we were apart? Would our feelings for each other subside with us being apart?

Close friends suggested that we get married, or engaged at the least. We were tempted to, i must admit. But it just didn't make sense in the end, because we would still be very much dependent on our parents if we got married then. We were old-fashioned, in a way, and felt that we should be able to support ourselves before we got married.

So, when the time came, there were tears and hugs at the airport. We took one step at a time. We made IDD calls when we had the cash, chat online, and wrote e-mails. Of course there were times when we had misunderstandings (its really difficult to communicate when you can't see a person's facial expressions, and when you only rely on text that you see). But looking back, I must say that it was the letters that really helped keep us close despite the distance.

In a letter, there are more than words. It contained his handwriting, and some other small notes or things that we'd include into the mails. Somehow, it was so much more personal than an email. The anticipation of mail when the postman came was a nice and fuzzy feeling =]

So a year slowly passed by, and we cherished each other more when we were reunited. Perhaps because of the distance, it helped make us trust each other more, and communicate better. But it surely did make us appreciate being together again!


  1. distance can be a good thing at times.. =) Now you both look back at those days, surely gonna appreciate each other even more.. =)

  2. Yeah, you're right! when we look back, it has been a great encouragement, and made us cherish the moments we have together =]