Wednesday, November 4

10 DAYS TO "I DO" #7


Artist:Hokusai Title: The Great Wave of Kanagawa

After about 2+ years of friendship, he told me that he "was pursuing me"... (*blush) and I said I needed time to think about it. One month passed and I said 'yes'.

But things weren't that simple for us. My parents didn't agree with me stepping into a relationship because they were concerned about my health. And me being the only child didn't help either. Besides, they thought that perhaps I made the decision rashly and would come to my senses soon enough. So, this was what happened when I told them: we were banned from seeing each other for 3 months! ...and that included phone calls too.

So, life went on, and we complied to my parents wishes. It seemed so long, those 3 months. But I guess it helped us do some thinking too. It was a good test (not that my parents actually planned it this way haha).

When 3 months was up, to my surprise, he actually called my house, and asked to speak to my father. He asked him if he could see me again since 3 months had passed. Dad said to meet him for a talk face to face at Burger King. And he went! They talked, the both of them, without my knowledge of them even meeting. Dad warned him not to hurt me, and said that we were to be strictly friends only.

So, that was what we did. Or at least we tried our best to keep being friends. We never talked about relationship anymore, and we just carried on the way we used to be, going to bookstores together and chatting on the phone.

Time passed, and my parents observed that he was sincere and they got to know him more over the months. He came over for dinner with other friends, and celebrated Christmas and New Year with my family.

On the 14th of March, my parents gave us the green light. (*grin) We didn't even ask for it, but we had their blessing! I asked him to take me for a snack someplace and we ended up going to Roadhouse Grill. We ordered a Messy Sundae and I told him what my parents said =]

That's why we don't celebrate Valentine's day. We celebrate Our day 1 month later from everyone else =] haha.

So, Shakespeare was right "I must uneasy make, lest too light a winning make the prize light"
After all those difficulties we had been through, it made us sure of our decision cherish what we have =]


  1. :) awwwww.. love reading your touching and im glad that god has bought you two thus far and he will continue to! :) hugs.
    lovely blog btw, you really at good at what you do!

  2. hehehe, thanks tissuegirl?
    Yeah, really thank God for all the love and care He gave us.
    May God Bless you both as you continue in your journey together =]