Tuesday, November 3

10 DAYS TO "I DO" #8


When I finally got better, I took a foundation course at Sedaya College (way back then when it was still a college). A friend had recommended that I took the course there because the college was about launch a Psychology program which I was interested in.

And guess who came over sometimes between classes to visit me? Hahaha! He lived in Cheras, and so it was fairly near for him to come visit me. He had his own transport, the ol' faithful "kap-chai" (which is a motorcycle by the way).

One day, we decided to go to Kinokuniya at KLCC and so he came over to college to meet me after my class. I said that I would take a taxi there and he can meet me there.

But,...he already brought a helmet...

Lols! He tried persuading me to go with him on the bike. I think he persuaded me for about half an hour? And every time, my answer was an adamant 'no'. The reason being that I will only ride a motorcycle with a girl, or my boyfriend or husband (and I highly recommend the same for all the pretty ladies out there *winks).

And in the end, I took a cab =] The Taxi won (yay!) and I hopped onboard only to find him riding his bike right beside the Taxi I was in!

So, that was then, when the Taxi and all other public transport reigned.

NOW, is a different story. I get to ride on a motorcycle (another faithful "kap-chai") with MY Husband who likes to pretend that he's my boyfriend... =]

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  1. hi there! met you at the cosmod the other day, one of the few who bought ur bunny in the bunny bag! :) my sis is the owner of kellerhomemade, and she was telling me how nice it was to chat with your husband and you. this post especially touched me because of your stand not to go on a guy's motorbike - exactly like me :) will reserve that for my future husband - if he rides a bike that is! ;) keep up the good work, most importantly for He who first loved us :)

    <3 Pei Ling