Monday, November 2

10 DAYS TO "I DO" #9


I didn't finish my A-Levels... =[ because I fell really ill 6 months before the exams.
So, what happened was, before I fell ill, I noticed he read newspapers all the time.
And one day, I asked him if he read other books, and he said no. I love books and felt that
a nice person like him could do some reading!

I lent him The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway, because it was one of my favorites.
A few weeks later, I stopped attending college and the book was left with him.

A few months after i stopped college, he started to contact me by phone, just out of concern about my condition. Since then, we talked occasionally on the phone, about everyday things, movies, music and books etc. It was really funny as I looked back that we never really did talk about relationships!

In one of our conversations, he sneakily asked about where I lived, so casually that I did not suspect anything.

The next thing I knew, he called one day, and we talked for about 10 minutes and he suddenly asked me: If I came to your house, would you open the door for me? I laughed and I said that I'll decide when the time comes. And he said, "well, you should open the door now, cos I'm right outside your house"

So yes, I did open the door (*grin), and of course my parents were in (or else he'd have to stand outside! haha!) And, the excuse he gave for showing up at my doorstep?

To return a book I lent him for a long time!

So you see, reading IS good indeed! and Books can be your very best friends!


  1. interesting lah! love your new blog layout too. :D

  2. Thanks SueAnn =]
    Its always nice to know that your work is appreciated ^_^


  3. i knew it.. books have some magic in them! haha! :P
    agreed.. nice blog u have here.. :)

  4. Hahaha Thanks JTan =]
    Hope you enjoy my postings..

  5. so guys out there start reading. reading is sexy to gurlss and is always score a few extra brownies point for u. wink wink