Wednesday, December 16

One for my friends!

Good morning!

I haven't been able to do much on my blog this month. Been busy with all the snowflakes, it managed to find its way into my dreams >.<

Well, throughout the month, I've had some down times. But precious friends who were close to my heart were always there to lift me up with their love =] How very fortunate of me indeed!
So, here's one for my dear friends, I love you all! Hope you'll enjoy this desktop wallpaper...


click on the picture to download from flickr (you can choose the size of the pic that you want from there)

Owh, and if you've noticed, I've added my Facebook Group button on the top left sidebar. Click to join my group for updates and more!

Also, right below the Facebook button, is a small section that I've devoted to the causes that I support. You can click on the links for some info about each cause. I'll be posting more details about it soon! =]

~Awareness is the beginning of change~

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