Wednesday, January 6

2009 Up Close & Personal


It's 2010! And I haven't made any resolutions...yet. I'm kind of not too keen on making resolutions because I usually can't keep them. For example, 2 years ago I made a resolution to learn how to drive. I still can't drive.

Well, so while many of you are making resolutions for this new year, I've been doing some reflecting on the past year. It was a very eventful year for me. Lots of ups and downs, and whatever in between. Anyway, here goes:

This is a list of things that happened in 2009 that are close to my heart.

  • I recovered from a surgery to remove ovarian cysts
  • I had a relapse of depression (in case you don't already know, I've been diagnosed with major depression for at least up to 10 years now)...phew
  • I resigned from teaching in a center for children with learning differences (and to this day, i am torn, because i love my job but i can't deal with going back just yet)
  • I have felt useless because being a perfectionist, I can no longer multi-task as I used to, and I couldn't contribute to household income since I did not have a full time job.
  • I started making and selling my crafts both online and in flea markets
  • I changed my craft label from Schizocraftsgurl to Newsong.
  • I did alot of cognitive 'spring cleaning' and changed some major views about how i saw myself and others
  • I discovered that many people do love me, despite of who I am, and people do care, contrary to what I thought all these while...
  • Apple, the Pekingnese joined our family =] she is really a bundle of joy and never fails to make me smile!
  • I coached my brother in law for his SPM (at least until he could do it on his own). I wonder if it made any difference, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • I reconnected with some very precious 'old' friends
  • I learnt how to take better pictures of my crafts
  • I designed my own blog and blogshop! (I am soooo proud of it!!)
  • In December, my craft-making thingy turned 1 year old
  • Within the time span of November till January this year, I made at least approximately 200+ snowflakes!
  • And most of all, I discovered that I am loved, inspite of who I am, or what I am able to do. And I am loved especially by the most special man in my life, that has been ever so supportive to me during the really low times.

To wrap it up, I guess I am thankful for everything that happened, although not all of the things are pleasant. The difficult bits just proves to me how faithful God is, and how gracious He is to this humble and undeserving person I am. So now, you know a little bit more about me! =] How about you? Did you have any highlights from last year?

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