Friday, January 15

gili gulu


I miss my youngest brother in law. He's got "wings" now, just like i thought before this. Nowadays, he doesn't seem to fly or land in any direction close to our so called "radius". Maybe that's it, you have them till they're free on their own, and then they disappear from your world.

He's got alot of time now that he's done with SPM. But I don't get to see him that much or even at all, these days.

I had a tiff with him, yeah, i shouted at him. Someone had to scold him. And I hate that it was me. I hate that I shouted, and I hate that it made a big big big void between us now. But I guess it doesn't really matter to him. He's got so much to do these days, and besides, I can't expect him to keep in touch with an auntie 11 years older than him, right?

But it doesn't change a thing for me. I still think about him, wonder how he's doing, but this time only from a distance. Perhaps there always comes a time to let go. And its okay that kids make promises they can't keep, although sometimes they really mean to keep them.

So, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are loved, and I am sorry.

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