Friday, January 15

"Muhibah" does exist


Happy Friday y'all!

If you live in Malaysia or you have been keeping up with the happenings in Malaysia, you would know that there has been some rough sailing days concerning racial and religious issues. Recently, it seems to me as though the situation is bleak, and there is no hope for a 1 Malaysia.

But through these dark clouds, there were silver linings. Shortly after the arson incident, our dear Muslim friends helped patrol a church to ensure safety of the property. It touched me deeply. What may seem to be actions representing a group of people may just deceive us to see each other as "us" and "them".

The other day, my mum's car got stuck in a deep drain. Yeah, the back tires, both of them! And there were only both of us, and we didn't know what to do. Then, a concerned Indian passerby came and asked us about the situation and tried to figure out how to help us. Soon, another kind Malay fellow joined in to try solve the problem. Lastly, was a Chinese man who came down from his apartment in a flat nearby, with a toolbox in his hand. They put up the jack and together, we lifted the car out of the drain! {sweat}

Yesterday, a Chinese man stopped out of his way to help a Malay young fellow replace a punctured tire right outside my flat. In these things, I find hope and encouragement. Muhibah, or 1 Malaysia may not happen through higher hierarchies of political efforts, and propoganda. But I am confident that it can happen through simple acts of kindness, that reaches beyond race, religion and other differences. Setting aside appearance or stereotypes, relating to one another as pilgrims along the journey of life, touching hearts, and changing lives.

Have you had a "Muhibah" experience recently?

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