Thursday, January 7

What Song?

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Hi there!

Just thought that this new year is a good opportunity to do this. This year should be particularly significant for me since I planned to launch the shop this month (although I went ahead and did some snowflake thing in November09). So, officially, the shop will be launched this month, sometime next week or SOONER, when I post up my first batch of items. I hope you look forward to it as much as I do!

When I first chose the name "NewSong", I got reactions like "Huh?", "What?", "Why". I know a bunch of you who would be smart enough to figure out, but I'd like to explain anyhows =]

Creating pretty things and crafting has just been in my nature through these years. When I was little, it was absolutely 'the' past-time. Mum and I would score tailoring shops for fabric scraps and bags of beads and felt for prices you wouldn't even imagine. Sometimes even for free, since nobody wanted those 'scraps'. We spent lots of time together making simple jewelry, sewing up softies and I even made dresses for my Barbie dolls (since we were a little low on cash).

Eventually, the inspiration to create and admire beautiful things grew as time passed. It became my hobby, my past-time, and most of all, it became a comfort.

Life, to me, as it is, hasn't been very smooth sailing. I will never be able to explain whether I had depression because of those unpleasant events, or whether I had those unpleasant events because I was suffering from depression. Well, if you get what I mean. So anyway, about early last year, I was suffering a nasty relapse in depression. I tried real hard to pick myself back up. It was a very trying time with lots of questions that I knew had no answers.

"Usefulness" is or has become a very important factor to me, and in the past year I have felt ever so useless and disabled. I could do nothing that I used to be able to, with the exception of crafting. That was the only thing that I could NOT stop doing. And to make it worse, it isn't exactly very "useful" in any sense, at least in my dictionary! But by this, I am constantly reminded and deeply humbled that He loves us as we are, not because of what we can offer. So with "NewSong", I wish to live to the promise that

"He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be amazed. They will put their trust in the LORD." PSALMS 40:3

To me, this is a dedication to a new beginning, to start over rediscovering the many simple blessings we have in life. This time, I'll let Him do the composing, hoping that the 'song' will come from Him, and not by my own might or effort. So I invite you to join me in my journey on this blog, where I hope that my heartfelt thoughts will encourage you, and you will in some way be an encouragement to me.

So, whoever you are, reading this, know one true thing:

~You Are Loved Unconditionally~

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