Thursday, March 4


Hey Hey, It's THURSDAY y'all!

Just to let you know what I've been up to lately. We are currently searching for a nice bazaar organizer to put up a stall for our hand mades. And so, in the course of preparation, we went 'hunting' or 'scavenging' for cheap alternatives for jewelry and item displays. The man and I happened to enter our usual 'inspiration' shop, to find them clearing off old stuff to put in new stock for the recently renovated space. So, (grin) we got the leafy votive stand for RM15. (original price was RM29, but since we pointed out that 4 of the votive jars were missing and a leaf had broken off, we had it for 15! Yay!

And now comes the sneaky part, we had our "kap-chai" (motorcycle) parked right outside opposite their"dump-site" and my very clever husband spotted some "besi buruk" (scrap metal)...kekekek which will be of good use, (you'll see when I've up-cycled them!) But for now, I'll let you have a look at the leafy votive that I sort of "transformed" a little...

upcycled before

upcycled after

Don't you think it would be perfect for jewelry display? I'm so pleased with ourselves for finding this. Cheap thrills hahah. But then, my policy is always try to find things that you want in the places where you wont expect them to be. I'm not sure if it makes sense to you?

So, I should be running off now to up-cycle the other "besi buruk"s (scrap metals/ a.k.a other people's trash), and then I'll show you what happens...hopefully something NICE.

Owh, and also, I have this habit of crafting. Bad thing is, I can never stick to ONE particular craft. So the inspirations sort of come in 'rotations'. I wonder if any other crafter shares this same habit?

So, at the moment, I think I've made enough jewelry and trinkets for the potential bazaar...and hence, I shall advance toward satisfying my fascination with fabrics! Sewing machine is out, 'hello' rotary cuter and templates!


Ooooh, I LOVE fabric! Do you?
(let you in on a secret: it may be a fact that i have more cloth/fabrics than clothes!)
Hubby can confirm this! (grin)

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