Wednesday, March 3

Life in Block G6

LIFE cat

I know I haven't been writing in for a while. I guess its difficult for me to write when I'm 'down in the pits'. Sometimes I wonder if I should just write about the good days, and the bad? Since I haven't written for awhile now, perhaps you would have guessed that I haven't thought of anything good to write about... (frown)
But I'm trying to keep my head up, so I'll share with you a little about our life in the flat we live in.
Okay, since I'm not very good at writing it in a chunk, I'll put it in a list:

  • A white cat with large black spots (or black cat with large white spots?) has a daily routine of going up the stairs from the ground floor, passing each unit, and then coming back down. She does this everyday without fail. Why? shall remain one of the unsolved mysteries in life. Lol. She's pregnant now, and she's still doing it. So we call her the "security cat".

  • We have an elderly couple as our neighbor. The old man has a very passionate calling too. He takes the utmost care and even dedication in "what seems to be his ultimate purpose of the day", which is : hanging the laundry out to dry. Being in a flat, you would understand that we do have limited space for our hanging out our laundry, and this is usually done at the 'back of our units, at the small 'balcony' for some sort of privacy. However, this neighbor of ours, sort of 'dominates' the whole corridor with his laundry (there are only 2 ppl's worth of laundry), by tying wires from the front of everyone's house on the first floor! (grins). At first, he started in front of our unit, then we realized that according he actually moves the clothing according to the direction of the sun! So, in the morning, his laundry will be in front of our house, then, by afternoon, it'll be in front of the opposite corridor and so on. This really tickled us alot... my husband calls him the "sunflower man" cos he's always following the sun to dry his clothes =D
Well, how much worse can it get since he already dominated the whole corridor of the first floor, right? Hmmmm, last week, he expanded his 'kingdom' to the 2nd floor!!! (smacks hand to head)

  • There's this unit on the ground floor. They paint their house like every month or so. Red, navy blue, yellow, brown, green,...they've done it all. And so the legend continues.
  • The unit right below us for some reason loves to renovate and re-renovate their house, erm, apartment. First he be doing the grills, then he be doing the windows, then the toilet, then the awning, and then etc.etc,...just imagine the noise!!! I wonder if the house would fall apart...which isnt a good thing since he's on the ground floor. Owh and I forgot to mention that all these 'renovations'? they're done DIY.
Well, it may seem that I am complaining, but these are the simple things that make our 'apartment/flat' life interesting and entertaining. =] So, there, I found something nice to write about! finally...

Owh, you may wonder why i put pictures of cats in the post. That's because they're everywhere around the block. And they can be quite amusing ^_^

life cat sleep


  1. how come u didnt say anything abt the the cat mating and cat fight that the ninjaz do

  2. hehe... sunflower uncle and auntie sell economy noodles outside the LRT station. i miss you and wangsa maju!