Tuesday, April 6



I know it's been some time since I posted anything, and the reason (hehehehe, excuses, excuses, excuses!) is evident in the pictures below!

Yes! I've been busy preparing and finishing up my handmade goodies for the Young Designer's Week event! Here's a little peek of what you'll see (if you come, =] please come!)
I don't think I'll be able to do the pricing and listing to post it on the blogshop before the event. So, if you can't make it, the 'remaining items' (i hope) should be posted for sale on the blogshop AFTER the event.

Here below, is my latest collection, inspired by 100% natural Hemp. They are simple but so classy and artistic don't you think? Some are made with semi-precious stones and it looks so contemporary with Hemp (a break from the OLD SCHOOL semi-precious jewelry designs =D)


Then there's the Gypsy Queen (semi precious Collection), inspired by well, gypsies and indie styles!


And I will be very PROUD to introduce Newsong's "Signature Lace Series" which will be an ongoing series. This "Signature Lace Series" will be a collection of exclusive jewelry showcasing intricate handmade lace 100% made by me!
I know it's still a difficult thing to accept, wearing fabric jewelry. But I hope you'll fall in love with these beauties and give it a chance to make you feel pretty, and 'oh-so-ladylike'! Lol


More lacy and girly stuff, including hair accessories, tissue cases, and the likes.

Then, there is the new "Living Series" collection which includes everyday household needs like coasters, and grocery bags. I hope these cuties will brighten up your home and make you smile each time you see them

And to save the best for last! a replenished collection of lovebugs (they're upgraded this time, get ready to be surprised!) and a limited edition "pashmina" bunny plushies, and strawberries, strawberries, strawberries and lots of strawberries!

So, are you enticed to see come see Newsong at the Young Designer's Week yet?
I surely hope so! I'm so excited!!! (I think you can tell by now!)
Don't worry, you won't blow your wallet, everything is under RM100 =]
But I wont stop you if you want to bag more goodies from me! =] hahaha

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