Monday, May 3

First Event of the Year!

Good Morning!

We participated in the Young Designer's Week by COSMOD last weekend and it was a meaningful experience! Being the first art market that we participated this year, we think we had a good start indeed =]

The venue, although a little difficult to locate, was as cozy as the COSMOD team promised. Great artistic ambience, relaxing music, and artful interiors to the very detail. You just have to see it for yourself! The place is also fully air conditions, well ventilated, to ensure a leisurely shopping experience. To top it off, the COSMOD team were wonderful hosts, friendly and thoughtful with a genuine love for art.

Although it is still a new area in the vincinity, we are confident that it is a good start to something nice! Just give it a little time and it will reach its potential!


We are really thankful to all those wonderful people who dropped by to visit our stall. Most of which we met for the very first time! To our friends who came all the way to show their support to us, we really want to thank you and let you know that we really appreciate your support alot. To those who couldn't come in person, but supported us across the miles overseas, wefeel your love and it will always mean alot to us.


As for every event, to put up a stall anywhere is a risk to the vendor. We cannot expect sales or profit from the organised event. Sometimes its good and sometimes is so-so. But one thing is for sure, that for every event that we participate in, we will met people with different stories of their lives. We always get to know someone new and learn from them, and encourage each other in the handmade scene. Also, we get to meet our customers in person, and their feed back and encouragement is something money cannot buy! So, to Suzzane of COSMOD, we are grateful that you have kindly provided an event for priceless axperience at such a reasonable cost. You have a good thing started there. =]



So, we were very happy to meet fellow crafters, owners of Keller Homemade. They are such a sweet couple don't you think? Pei Yee, the hand crafter makes simple but beautiful bags and pouches with really good quality imported fabric. Trust me, I hoard fabrics, and i know something good when i see it! =p

Her lovely 'other half' was dedicatedly assisting her at the booth. We got to knwo a little about each other and we're glad to have met them! You can read the meaningful story behind the name Keller Homemade, which Pei Yee has thoughtfully chosen.


Some of the beautiful handmades by Pei Yee


See those hearts in the netted basket? they are soft fabric hearts that come with a packet of self adhesive magnets. Perfect for Mother's Day! Check it at her shop Keller Homemade


Owh, and her man wrote the words on the little signboard! Neat huh? ^_^

We also had the privilege of meeting Clovis of SLOVEC Handmade Socks Babies! I'm so sorry Clovis, I lost the photo I took of you and your stall, but i have these two photos of very happy customers!



The special thing about Clovis' handmades are that it doesn't fail to make you smile! They are so cute and happy and each of her dolls seem to have a character of its own. Curious about the name SLOVEC? I was too! It is actually meant to be , Stephen LOVE Clovis! Awww,...and the boyfriend came up with the name! You can check her out at her online SHOP

So, it was an eventful weekend indeed! I haven't had time to post the remaining items for sale in my shop. I guess it'll just have to wait until after the Fashion Event at COSMOD this Weekend! YES! we are participating in the second event at COSMOD!


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