Sunday, August 29

Learning Through Games

Here are a list of URLs, which have been used in class to help my students learn basic skills (like counting, pointing, spelling etc.) and also computer skills (typing/maneuvering the cursor) through fun interactive games. It can be done in a group (where they have to take turns to play) or as an individual session with a teacher or parent at home. Hope you'll find it as useful as my students enjoyed them!

Before you proceed, i suggest you read THIS


It has both French and English. You can choose the language by clicking on the British or French flag. This is highly interactive and comes with lots of simple animation and sounds. Activities included are letters of the alphabets (which are pronounced), counting, puzzles, snakes and ladders, spot the differences, to name just a few.


This site has games based on the characters of the children's book series, Charlie and Lola. It has various fun activities like coloring activities and simple games that help children learn to use the up, down, left, right keys on the keyboard. The characters make socially appropriate statements (simple phrases, often repeated appropriately) during the games, which is a plus point if your child learns through learnt-scripts.


I guess this is pretty self explanatory :) It has everything from numbers to counting, matching to spelling as well as thematic learning. A very good resource for learning through the internet. It also has an archive of videos showing social situations like visiting the doctor or dentists, and the like.


Here is another interesting game that teaches your child how to follow one-step instructions. However, there is no sound, so you may have to read the instructions with your child.
This is a simple memory game, which involves clicking cards to see the picture under it. Only two cards can be upturned at a time, so the child has to remember the location of matching pictures to complete the game.

Another set of games based on the cartoon character Bobinogs by BBC. The only problem with this is that the characters speak in an English accent. However, the plus points outweigh the accent problems. It is full of interactive games, like matching pictures to items in the picture, teaching personal hygene through games, join the dots (counting in order), and the likes.

Some may find these sites helpful, others may not. But whatever the case, I'd be more than happy to hear what you think. If you've tried it with your child, and had a good or bad experience, I'd appreciate if you shared! :-)

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