Tuesday, November 2

3 years and counting: No.2

Okay, okay, I realised I didn't write an introduction for this series "3 years and counting".
Well it's sort of like "10 days to I do", except that this time, its about our married life together.
It's really just simple and really silly things we do sometimes,
after all, the littlest things can bring unexpected joy.
Hope you enjoy, and hope they make you smile ^_^


So, yes, I love to hide his newspapers, not because I really hate newspapers. Haha. But just because I find it entertaining and the look on his face is always priceless.

I used to do this to my father when i was a kid. (haha, yes) Only, I didn't hide the newspapers...
I just disturbed him when he was reading it.
Disturb = poking him, pulling his leg hairs, "boo!"- ing him, etc.etc.

So, yes, I've taken it to another level =D
But I have to admit that I have recently been "converted"...
Well, I read some sections of his newspaper nowadays,
but I still try to hog the section that he really wants (at that time) heehee.
Old habits die hard, don't they?

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