Wednesday, November 3

3 years and counting: No.3

When we got married, we have the chance to notice the littler things about each other.
I've noticed a lot of funny little things about him in this 3 years. Well, yeah we do things differently most of the time, but we try to adapt and compromise.

Sometimes it really drives him up the wall, but I don't even notice what it is... like the PEGs! He didn't say anything about it, until I realised that he rearranges them when I'm not looking. (slaps hand to forehead).

Nowadays I try to do it his way most of the time, just to make him happy (its really a small price to pay right?) ...but once in awhile, I like to irritate him and tell him i did it on purpose so I can smile at him with 'triumph'.

So far,...we haven't had those toilet seat or toothpaste arguments ('yet') haha. But these little things about him make him him, and it wouldn't be the same if he arranged the pegs like i do...


Little things like this makes memories of him, for me to keep forever in my heart.

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