Thursday, November 4

3 years and counting: No.4

I'm not sure whether I'm right about guys being more forgetful than girls (okay, i'm aware this statement may start a never-ending debate, ha).
But anyway, in our case, I happen to remember most things 'involuntarily' while he's not really good at remembering say...less important things?

It doesn't really matter really, but sometimes i just find myself repeating myself ..pretty often. The worst ones are ... "who is "so-and-so"?, then i have to refresh his memory all over again,..."there, the one that did this and that and look like this or that"....followed by, "Owwwwwhhh, that one ah..."

It's another funny little thing that drives me up the wall but amuses me at the same time =]
So, recently..


Yes, we are SO not over the IKEA thing. Every time he thinks of IKEA, Perth, he'll bring it up again. Fortunately not very often =]

Yes, I DO forget stuff as well, often the more important stuff, but he's got my back for those, and besides, he REALLY does remember all the IMPORTANT things (ahemm,..especially dates ;p ) which I really give him credit for!

Hahaha, and now,...every time that song by Anna Nalick goes on the player,
he'll tell me quickly (proudly exclaiming) "I know, that's Anna Nalick!"
He just said it again like 2 seconds ago!!!!
(i got to remove her songs from the playlist for awhile hahaha)
...Oh man...karma...

Anyways, here's one for whoever is reading this,
A song from Anna Nalick!

approx. 1 minute ago.. "darling, This is Anna Nalick!...whats the name of this song?..."

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