Friday, November 5

3 years and counting: No.5

One very interesting thing about us is that we are opposites when it comes to sleeping "times". Well, my psychiatrist will say that he has a perfect Circadian rhythm (when it gets dark, the brain signals your whole system that its time to sleep). He really has no problem falling asleep, unlike me, who stays up pretty late at night. I often envy him for being able to fall asleep so easily at night. Sometimes when he falls asleep before I do, I kind of feel "lonely", it's weird, I know.

So, sometimes, he tries to stay awake with me as long as possible. When he tries to do that, once in a blue moon...funny things happen.

There are a few stages of sleep, the first stage involving the transition of being awake to slowly drifting into sleep. Some times, we experience sensations of falling or experience knee-jerks during this stage. And sometimes, (grins) other funny things happen =D


So, yes, there have been a few episodes of "talking-nonsense" when he's "half-awake-asleep" as we call it. But now he doesn't get surprised like he used to. But I always get a kick out of these moments, especially when I get to tell him what happened the next day and see the look on his face. I just can't explain anymore clearly how funny it is!

So I guess it pays off for being the "lonely" night owl after all.

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