Monday, November 15


Snow in Color


Last Christmas, I launched my snowflake collection (which is currently still available throughout the year) and thanks to all your awesome feedback, it was really a great (and snowballing) experience for me, hahaha. The best present a crafter can get is for people to love what they have created. And I sincerely thank you for that!
If you haven't noticed, the concept of this series is based on four colors PURPLE, YELLOW, BLUE and PINK, each representing a stage in life's journey. But there's really a story to this one, So here it goes:

The Dream
One of the requests that have arisen was to have "colorful" snowflakes, which didn't make sense to me in the first place... =) But more and more of you asked the same question :

"Err... do you have it in different colors other than white?"
(with some sort of silly look in their faces)
"I know, snowflakes are supposed to be white, but do you make different colors?"

And I would say that I don't make any other colors. Firstly, it didn't 'occur' to me to make any other color than white? But more importantly because the supplier for the cotton yarn I used did not sell colors other than white, black and beige. I tried making some snowflakes using other types of 'string', but it did not satisfy my standards.

The Hope
So, I contacted every known supplier in KL, or Malaysia (seriously), and wrote to them asking if they could make an order from the manufacturer. All of them turned me down, saying that they no longer carry that line of thread. So, it was time to look for it from all other places in the world =) I did my online hunting, and found a really nice lady who sold all things miniature, including the special thread i wanted!

Problem was, she didn't really ship internationally. In times like this, all you need is a friend, or more than one? ^_^ Soon, the sweet lady and I made some arrangements to send the package to our friend in UK. And, it would please me very much to inform you that the threads used to make these 'limited edition' series traveled through quite a few hands (namely Mr. Toh and Mr. Jian Tern) before they reached safely in my home =) And it arrived rather quickly, just in time in fact, because another friend happened to be returning from UK.

And Finally, Love
This is really my very first attempt at creating a limited edition series. It is a risk for me, (I'm really not a risk taker >.<") as I create each piece with love, there is no promise that I would make any sales. But as a wise crafter once said,

"Artists, we just create, create for the love of creating. Create what you love, something that comes from your heart, not something that you think will "sell or make the deal". Because that doesn't matter in the end. It's the beauty in the art that comes out from you that matters."

So, I assure you that, each piece of snowflake has indeed been made with love. I wish every owner of these pieces the joy in knowing that they too, are special and unique, created with great love from Above!

To view the Collection, click the image below. Enjoy!
snow se

Have a Great Day!

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