Tuesday, December 21

Blinking Lights and Memories

Hello Tuesday!

Yesterday, SC and I put up our Christmas Tree, finally!
We just bought it last year, and this is the second time we set it up again.
It was fun, although it was just the two of us ^_^
It was a new experience for Apple (our Pekingese) though as usual, she was curious but scared at the same time!
We don't really have much to put on our tree, but most of them are really cute felt plushies handmade by my mom ^_^, and other odd bits and pieces like a giant button, ribbons and plastic baubles from before I got married.

But this little one below is still my favorite! My first little Unazukin! I'm always a sucker for cute things... SC says I always get attracted to things that are intended to entice kids >.<
But this was one of those times when he would play along with me and join in my childishness. We paid RM8 to twist a Japanese "egg surprise" kind of machine to get her. And I was happy as a kid! (Ekhemm...we did go a few more times,...and got other patterns too, will take photos next time!)

So, today marks the first day that SC is going to turn on the blinking Christmas Lights first thing in the morning,...turn it off right before he goes to work. Then Turn it on after dinner, and sit and stare at the lights, and turn it off again before he goes into the room. Yeah, it will happen everyday, until we take the tree down...just like last year. Hahaha, that's one of the many reasons I love him so!

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