Thursday, December 30

Full Attendance!

How did your Christmas go?
Well, for us, we had a quiet, cozy one with both our families!
This was a last minute arrangement really, to have gingerbread men
and marshmallows with Hot Chocolate...
I'm gonna plan to make my own gingerbread next year!
Gingies and Mallows
Us with our tree!
24th hugs
My parents and us! Finally after so many years, we could celebrate Christmas Eve together!
My parents work with the Church, and being a Pastor, its difficult to spend exclusively with family. But this year we had a quiet and cozy gathering! So happy!
24th nite with Chong Family
Our little supper.
24th nite with Chong Family
And on the 25th, we had dinner with Shan Chung's family (my family also la)
We made Pasta and Postato Salad and Green Salad, and Mum brought duck, and Kang (2nd brother in law) brought wine and a delightful girlfriend (tease). We had fun, squeezing 7 people in our tiny house! Boy, did Apple have fun! Running around after everyone, and getting so much attention from everyone. It's no wonder she woke up groggy the next day!
Cheng Family
So, this year, I'd say that the best Christmas's are ones that were spent with family!

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