Thursday, December 23

New Traditions

Last year, around Christmas time, I read a post from Amy on The Idea Room. She has a family tradition since her childhood that every year, her each of her family would get an ornament, resembling something significant that happened that year. I think that its such an awesome idea, don't you think so?(She tells it more interestingly here, go read!)

So this year, Shan Chung and I decided to begin this tradition. Although there's just the two of us, I'm sure when we look back 10 years from now, there would be many memories and things to be thankful for!

So, this is what he made...


because he learnt how to sew plushies this year!


(look at the details, doesn't it look like him?)
few strands of hair, cheeky smile, how can you not smile when you see this bear! LOL


and final touch...a heart on the behind >.<

And, this is what I made...

A simple hand motif with a heart in it


This is because I learnt a very important thing almost toward the very end of this year. There was a particular entry in OurDailyBread on the 29thNov. entitled What's In Your Hand by Dennis Fisher

So the Lord said to [Moses], “What is that in your hand?” —Exodus 4:2

I have good things and precious thing in my hands.
I have a loving husband, a lovely doggie, loving family, including in-laws, a home that is cozy, my own hands, my crafts etc... the list goes on!
And I have to hold them and be thankful for them instead of trying to look for things that I don't have.

So, What do you have in your hands?

Shan Chung and I would like to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas, filled with love and good company, and most of all to remember the significance of God's unending love for us!

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  1. Love them! I love that you made them too! So glad you are enjoying your new tradition. Thanks so much for the link!