Friday, December 24



Yay!!! Newsong is now a registered business! Shan Chung took leave today to bring me to the SSM, companies registration center. Thanks to Pei Yee from Keller Homemades, she gave us really clear instructions of the entire process, it was really exciting!

Photo 0265

*confession: I just LOVE filling up forms...yah, silly, but i just DO!

Photo 0261

We were half an hour early, so we decided to get a bite...

Photo 0263


Photo 0262

it wasn't me... (ok, yeah...but its cause for celebration rite?!)

Owh and before I go, I recommend you drop by Pei Yee's. She's made this cute pocket calendar for you to download!

Have a Happy 24th Dec! Don't forget to stay up late for countdown!
And most of all, Jesus loves you, and that's why there is Christmas!

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  1. what a coincidence!

    we had killiney too but only after we finished registering :)