Friday, January 28

Nobody can save the world

But we can do little things to make good changes one step at a time, right?

This is sort of an impromptu post since I can't wait to share this with all of you after reading a post via meet me at Mikes.

Well, I know that many people will say that Malaysia too has its needs, why not do something for Malaysia before helping other countries? Well, I want to learn, and by participating, hopefully we'll learn the ways how to raise funds for our own country's needs.

This made me feel excited, how crafting can give hope and comfort. And how people all around the world will be able to send their love to the folks in Australia. 
This will be my first attempt in participating an event like this.
Care to join me? Its really easy, just crochet simple granny squares, send them to Ausie, where they will piece the squares together, to make quilts and send them off to flood victims!

Stay tuned if you wanna see my bit of granny crochet! I'll be doing this instead for Valentines, Woo hoo! 

Click the image to link to the official page, FAQ's and Tutorials for Granny Squares are all provided!

Love the Idea? Share it and pass it along!

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