Thursday, January 27

Pink and I

If you've kept up with the fashion and design world, you would know that PANTONE has officially announced PINK as the color of the year. I didn't even know they have this, really, until someone on my Facebook announced it. So, to be specific, the 'IN' color is PINK-Honeysuckle 18-2120. DO you follow fashion trends?

Well,...I have to confess that I don't. I think people who know me in real person will concur vehemently. In reality, I'm sort of a 'plain jane'. Don't get me wrong, I love colors and pretty things, but I just can't convince myself that it will look good on myself. The only time you'll see me dressed up and made up = dinners, anniversaries, and dates with SC.

I do try...but generally, i won't go fill my wardrobe with pink stuff or skinny jeans etc. Well, maybe there's also a little rebel in me that won't go with the crowd; like wearing bright orange (road construction orange cone, orange) jacket to school, and a florescent green backpack.

Haha, anyways, since I knew about Pink being the color of the year, I started to remember some Pink things in my life. 
When I was little, my Godparents in Singapore would send me presents once in a while, and I particularly remember receiving a kid-sized pink umbrella. I never really got the chance to use it for rainy days...since obviously i wouldn't be allowed to go in the rain when I was a child. But I remember frequently parading it around the house. Haha. Owh, and it had a  tiny pink toy train charm hanging at the handle. I loved it!

My very first purse/wallet was a pink Hello Kitty vinyl purse. I used it throughout primary school and had to throw it away when I was in Standard 6 due to wear and tear.

I would forgive you anytime if you didn't believe I learnt ballet. I can picture me+ballet right now, would equal to a fat dancing elephant with a tutu and ballet shoes. Haha! But yes, I did go for ballet classes when I was little. My mom thought that it would make me girly and ladylike...until she saw the way I walked! If you know ballet, you are trained to walk and stand with your feet facing outward (heels inward). My mom was horrified, and said that I started to walk like a duck! And hence, no more ballet. Not that I really minded. Ha!

I have always loved strawberries, up till now. Whether its food, or pictures or ornaments, I love them =D
And who can resist a Strawberry milkshake right? Or strawberry Ice cream? Or Strawberry Shortcake?
Well I definitely can't!

I can't find the exact picture of my shoes, but it looks kinda like the picture above. SC bought me this pair of shoes when we were in Australia studying. I really loved it when I first saw it, but wouldn't want to spend money on myself. Each time we passed by that shop, I would go in just to have a little peek at it. 

(Thats what I usually do when I like something, but can't decide to buy or not  >.< )
Then one day, SC gave me a paper bag, with the shoes inside! 

I called them my 'bubblegum" shoes. I don't exactly know why, but it was pink, and it felt like "bubblegum" to me. They are gone now...cos of old age... =( But will always remain a sweet memory.

This is the first present that SC gave me when we started dating. She's called Petunia...cos the label said so =p She's also a sweet memory, and she's still here ^_^

And finally, the best for last!
P!NK is a classic favorite of mine. We share the same birthday! And my ex-schoolmates and I practically listened to her through high school, till now. All her songs brings back particular memories for me, like "don't let me get me" and "stupid girls"...I don't mean to offend anyone, but I seriously share the same sentiments! 

Even the recent songs, I can always identify with her lyrics "please don't leave me". I like her because of her guts to be honest about things too "Dear Mr. President". And most of all cos she's eccentric and doesn't go with the whole glam and fame thing. She's got her own style and she's comfortable being herself "raise your glass". I guess that part of her, would be my Alter Ego! Haha.

So here we go, that's a few things you've learnt about me =D
(prolly should thank PANTONE this year...haha)

If you feel like a square peg in a round world most of the time like I do, This one's for you!

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