Thursday, February 10

30 things

30 things i love about you

#30 waking up next to you

#29 cuddling under your armpit when I sleep LOL

#28 when you talk funny because you're tired

#27 when you kiss me good morning

#26 your cheeky smile when you're up to something

#25  the way you trick me into believing some ridiculous facts

#24 when you fall for my silly tricks instead
      (like people giving me RM5 note into my helmet while waiting for you)

#23 when you try to look serious and try even harder not to laugh

#22 how you hug me tight when I need to cry

#21 how you're so protective over me

#20 when we get caught in the rain while we're on the bike,
       me hiding behind you to keep warm

#19 when you want to surprise me but can't wait to tell me what you're going to do
       (and tell me after all) LOL

#18 looking at your eyes when you're asleep

#17 disturbing you when you try to sleep, but I'm still wide awake

#16 for being a brave man, and a responsible one too

#15 for listening to me when I ask question after question of things that don't need an answer

#14 how you support me and believe in the things I do

#13 going for grocery shopping and doing 'circus acts' on our faithful 'kap-chai'
       (with me at the back, one hand holding a package of toilet paper and the other holding a bag of detergents etc.)

#12 how your face lights up and you smile like a child 
when you've done something hilarious

#11 when we went for the Rugby game in Perth 
(Wallabies vs. Springboks) and had our faces painted in Springbok colors

#10 when you buy flowers home for me, often for no particular reason

#9   for taking time off to go to my doctor's appointments with me 

#8  when we cook delicious food together

#7  when you 'channel-surf' in an attempt to give me epilepsy

#6  how you lie about the time and say its 2 o'clock 
when it's only just 1.30

#5  how we have our special language

#4  how you remember all the special dates we have

#3  how curious you can be

#2  for the many ways you never fail to make me laugh every day!

#1 for loving me inspite of myself, unconditionally, through the rough roads that we've been through, for loving me when I can't do as much as I used to, and for being who you are

I know you don't really like celebrating especially this time round, 
but having you is the best thing in my life.
Your Birthday will always mean a lot to me.

I don't want diamond rings, fast cars or a big house, or even a life of luxury...
because everything would be nothing at all, 
If I ain't got you...

Happy Birthday,
I love you!

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  1. Sooo sweet! Hugs! Amen to all that! And I'm sure much more! Its the little things that really matter.:)