Wednesday, March 23

Busy Busy Busy!

I haven't been updating my blogshop! And I know there's no good excuse, but really I am busy with 3 main projects at the moment.

First off, I have been preparing for the Supplies Surprise Bazaar on 2nd April 2011. Do come and check it out, as I am confident there will be many unique supplies that can;t be found locally. When I see the promotional pictures and the vendors, I thought to myself.. "Oh ou,...I'm gonna be so tempted to spend money there!" 
I will be selling an assortment of jewelry findings, semi-precious stone beads,
Imported Lamp-work glass beads, hand-painted glass beads, 
Imported Czech pressed glass beads,and some wooden pieces for Folk Art Painting!

I also want to take this opportunity to commend LVBeii for setting up The Handmade Movement

which I feel has been something that our community have been waiting for. It is not easy to pull off something like this, and finally someone like her has got the courage to start it! If you are not familiar with the Handmade Movement, it is somewhat like a craft or artist guild! I think the first of its kind in Malaysia? To find out more, Please visit The Handmade Movement, and join the Facebook page for cool updates on classes and reviews! Support your local handmade artists!

As for the second project, I can't reveal very much yet, but to say that I have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful young lady and will be part of something happening in Farenheit 88. It will be soon, and I will spill the beans when the time comes =D

Lastly, I am preparing myself, in terms of craftmaking and psyche, for the Pipit Wonderful Market 6! on 7th MAY 2011, at the Annexe Central Market. Wow, I'm so honored to be able to be part of it this time! I tried to participate a few times before, but the slots are always full so quickly! I'm excited, but nervous too, because I see so many vendors that make such beautiful and unique crafts... much nicer than mine ! You can view the photos of the previous Wonderful Markets here.
But I suppose it will be a good experience and Exposure too. In conjunction with that, I will also be renting a slot in Pipit Zakka Store

So, starting May 2011, you will be able to find Newsong Handmade Goods in Pipit Zakka Store! Do go check out the store! And also join their FB page to get info of the latest goodies in the store! It is very cozy creative space in which there are endless beautiful and inspiring pieces to feast your eyes on. And what's even better? The entire shop is filled with Handmade goods from artists and crafters from all over Malaysia! Do go check it out!

So, there it is. My busy and somewhat nerve-wrecking and anxious but exciting life these past month. Shan Chung has been so supportive and calm, I don't know what will happen without him. I'd probably end up with ugly hair as a result of pulling my hair out of my head! Haha!

I hope you have a Great Day!

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