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Wear BlueOn 2nd April


This is something that I wanted to do for a very long time. To spread awareness about autism and other learning differences. These are the issues that are very close to my heart, since I have previously been involved in teaching children with special needs.

It seems like a very good and surprising coincidence that the Supplies Surprise Bazzaar organised by The Handmade Movement falls exactly on the 2nd of April! I've signed up as a vendor to sell some of my jewelry supplies (check them out here). The core organiser, BeiiLiVoon has so kindly granted me permission to hold this mini pledge corner, and even supported by spreading the word on Facebook! Thanks, LiVoon! So, I am taking this opportunity to spread awareness at my stall.

blueday copy

This year Autism Speaks Org. is organinsing a global event called Light it up Blue for Autism. So what you need to do wherever you are, is to wear blue, put a blue light on your porch or even your shop. Go to this link to see what people around the world are doing to show support to raise awareness of Autism. 

I can't do very much, since i don't own a building or a porch (I live in a flat). 

But I will wear Blue at the Supplies Surprise Bazaar, and I will be setting up a pledge corner where you can come and sign a pledge to spread awareness and learn more about Autism and People with other Learning Differences. If you come dressed in BLUE, and sign the pledge at my booth,  you'll receive a Mystery Gift from Newsong, but only while sticks lasts.

If you aren't coming to the bazaar, you can still show your support by wearing Blue on 2nd April, or signing the Online Pledge at Autism Speaks

To those who are coming to the Bazaar, see you soon! To those who aren't, you can make a difference!Find out more about Autism :
What is Autism?
Facts About Autism
Living with Autism
or you can read my 2cents worth about Autism

"Be the change you want to see in the world"  -Mahatma Ghandhi-

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