Tuesday, April 26

10 more Days!


*sweat* Only 10 more days to Pipit Wonderful Market 6!!! I've been preparing really hard for it, and officially STOPPED making anything more for it yesterday. 
Hahaha I think its just time to rest my hands and eyes, and DO some COSTING! 
owh how I dislike maths...and costing! 

Also I will be preparing for my 2nd mini project on spreading awareness. I have always wanted to spread awareness about other Learning Disabilities apart from Autism. This is because not many people have heard of Autism, but even more have no awareness of other Learning Disabilties which are "invisible"

I say that they are invisible because very often we won't or can't see that someone have special needs until we spend more time with them. Often someone with "invisible needs" behave differently and we pass on quick judgments without knowing that we are the ones who are ignorant. 

Many children have been passed off to be "slow", "lazy", "out of control", "destructive" or "rebelious", when what we really need to do is stop "labelling" and try to understand that everyone learns differently, and everyone is trying their best.

So, here it is. This will probably be the cause that I will be bringing along with me to whatever event I join (if the organizer will be so kind to allow that). =D

Thanks to organizers of Pipit Wonderful Market 6, you can come over to my stall at the event on May 7th 2011. 

You don't have to buy anything from my shop. 
Yes, you don't have too! 

All I ask for is that you: 
1)come on over, show your support for awareness with your signature
2) pick up my little awareness leaflet
3)take a silver awareness ribbon pin from me, and wear it to show your support!

If you would like to read about my last mini awareness project, click HERE. Previously, I spoke to at least 25 people, and collected 25 signatures for Awareness of Autism. This time, I am putting up 50 silver Awareness Ribbon pins, and am hoping to collect 50 signatures! I know its double the amount, but I have HOPE!

just a minute of your time ^_^ which is priceless!

That's it! However, of course if you happen to fall in love with any of my handmades, I would be very much delighted for you to purchase them. (grin).

awareness copy
this is a little simple leaflet that I made because I couldn't find any available ones
I hope you come and collect yours, and keep it well!

So, I hope to see you, in person, whoever you may be on 7th May 2011, Saturday at the Annexe Gallery in Central Market. Come and join me in support for acceptance in Awareness of People with Learning Disabilities! Thanks in advance ^_^

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