Monday, April 18

2 pairs of new shoes

Here's a little happy carefree song for you, on a Monday. It used to be played on the radio while Shan Chung and I were still dating. He loved this song because it was funny and cute.

And, since I haven't got any new shoes since at least 3 years already, yesterday we went out and he got me 2 new pairs of shoes! 

Actually he always wanted to get new shoes for me, since my old one is worn out, but I couldn't seem to find any that I liked (haha, yes, I'm picky). And I felt that the old pair could still be worn, so I didn't really want to get any new ones. 

I would have just bought 1 pair, since I am really a minimalist (grin). But yesterday he insisted on 2 and didn't even give me a choice, and so here they are, my 2 pairs of new shoes haha,

The old pair on the right...meh, I shouldn't even need to tell you i guess? LOL

I called the pink pair "tinkerbell shoes" and the blue one "sailor shoes".
I know, it's weird to name shoes...but I always do it... (grin)

There, the "tinkerbell" shoes...can you imagine a fat and clumsy tinkerbell? Haha, if you can't perhaps you don't have to imagine, when you see me wearing them. Hmmmm,...Wonder how big my fairy wings will have to be...

Thanks, darling, for my new shoes ^_^ I love them!

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