Monday, April 25

My first Swap


Have you heard about craft swaps? I've always wanted to join one... and then I discovered SwapBot! It was so fun and exciting. I chose to participate in a swap called "I <3 Coasters", and we were each assigned 1 partner to whom we would send our crafts to. It was fun because when you got to know the person whom you are supposed to send to, you get to see their profile, about their interests, and what they like. And it was even more fun because it was an international swap! 

My swap partner was a nice lady from Australia, who loved Christmas, and is even a member of "Christmas All year" club in Australia! How interesting is that? I've heard of Christmas in July, but I've never heard of celebrating Christmas all year, haha, must be really interesting.

So these were the coasters I made for her:

She mentioned she loved Poinsettias and was looking for a pattern, but I didn't have any, so I made a Poinsettia brooch for her.
All wrapped up and ready to go!
It was also a meaningful experience, making something with someone in mind.

My swap partner, who was assigned to send me coasters is a student from Finland. She made me these super cute owl coasters! That was because I stated in my profile that I liked owls. This is my first owl "thing" that I own! It's a decoupage cork coaster set of 6, and she made them even though she wasn't feeling well. Even more so, the swap only called for 4 coasters, but she made me six!
I really love them, especially the eyes, they all have different expressions! 
And the polka dots! I can't say how much I LOVE polka-dots!!!
And she was so kind to include these cute stickers!
And I liked that she used a recycled envelope, and "up-cycled" it with cute piano key deco tape!

So that was my first swap experience. Would you join a swap? I would love to join another! But it will have to be after the Pipit Wonderful Market 6. As I am now preparing for the much anticipated event. I will post some pictures soon, of my latest creations that you will only be released at Pipit Wonderful Market. I'm really looking forward to it, Hope to see you there too!

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