Friday, April 8

you MISSED it?!...nevermind, more stuff for ME! Muahahaha

Hello Friday!

This is a really long overdue post! And hence, I better write about it before the week ends! tsk,tsk,tsk! The Supplies Surprise Bazaar organized by Beii of the Handmade Movement was Fantastic! It was a crafter's heaven! I repeat, HEAVEN! If you're a crafter and you didn't drop by for a visit this time, ...nevermind! I probably bought your share of supplies haha! 

But be sure not to miss the next on which will be on the 2nd July 2010! Application for supply vendors are still open, this time with even more participants.

blueday copy

So, just to tell you how it went for me. I was really nervous while preparing for the bazaar day, I think I slept only 2 hours the night before the bazaar. I was so nervous about 3 main things:
1. Dunno how to communicate with people
2. Nobody buy my stuff
3. Scared about promoting my awareness booth

I shall not go on tallking about the Awareness project anymore in this post, you can read about it here. 

When I arrived at BFree, I saw a big banner outside and adverts taped with japanese washi deco tapes, all the way to the elevator! I was so happy that the organiser had put up sufficient banners to promote the event! 

As we entered the space for the bazaar, we were greeted by the lovely smiling, Beii! It definitely helped me feel less nervous. Although I was still VERY nervous. I tried to distract myself by putting up the items and arranging them on our allocated spot. When I was done, was the challenging part...

Task #1: go talk to other vendors and look around.
(you see that big Ikea Bag there? If I could I would have loved to hide in the bag)

stall setup
But it didn't turn out as bad, as all the vendors were really nice and friendly people and we soon started talking about the things we hoarding fabrics, ribbons, buttons, and the likes (grins). It was a great experience indeed. And as we all started to know each other more, we couldn't help but agree that Beii, was a genius to think of holding the SUPPLIES SURPRISE bazaaar, which probably is the first of its kind in Malaysia?

The crowd started coming in by 12.30pm and was quite consistent until about 5pm. For such a cosy place to be frequently filled with people who actually bought stuff was very good, in my opinion. It's a pity I didn't take more photos of vendors and their stalls. Owh the yummy things they had to offer! I promise you, almost all of the products sold at the bazaar cannot be found in Malaysia. Japanese fabrics and papers, beautiful and unique charms, more beautiful fabrics, Korean yarn, cute buttons and not forgetting delicious looking polymer clay and yummy smelling handmade soaps!

It was definitely heaven to me!

As for our stall, we sold beads : acrylic, glass, lamp-work, czech, and semi-precious; charms, and findings; woodwork pieces, and wood deco. We didn't really make, much due to inexperience in pricing. I expected to make sales from the beads, but most sales came from the wood pieces instead! So what we concluded was that people either are not interested in buying beads to make their own jewelry, or that they don't know  how to make their own jewelry. And of course not forgetting the inexperience for pricing.

woodwork pieces
Well we did make just enough and a little more to cover costs, but I think that the experience itself was priceless. At the end of the day, Shan Chung and I were saying that the picnic setting made it feel like we were on a mini date =) I can't agree more! Plus this fella soon became the center of attraction at our stall!
DSCN3448 - Copy
Pssst...Stay tuned, a surprise series will be released soon!
Be the first to know, simply because there will only come in limited and one of a kind quantities!

Adding to that, nothing could have replaced making new friends who have common passions for crafting and catching up with old friends who helped you along the way to get to where you are now.  

It was really great to meet Pat again! This time with her whole new concept and her OWN crafts! She now makes handmade 100% all natural soaps! I love her new project and it is simply so sweet. You can visit her here.


I had fun collecting name cards, most of which are made in such creative ways!
After having seen alot of Akoe's handicrafts, we finally had the privillege of meeting her in person! So friendly and pretty! And she brought with her a collection of very affordable charms and jewelry findings, mostly in antique gold and antique silver color.

Had the pleasure of meeting Wing's Zakka, who sells so many super cute unique charms that I was half broke after leaving her stall! They have so many unique charms,.. have you seen a miniature sized globe on a stand, where the globe can actually be turned?! Owh you havent? Go see it on 2nd July! hehehe

Also met the sweet and friendly owner of Fabrics Fanatics! She really helped me let down my guard by her sincere friendliness! And I couldn't leave the bazaar whitout getting some fabric from her! Simply irresistable!

Next to her was Jaclynbee, who makes super beautiful miniature origami with her 'magic' fingers! (I'm convinced!) She sells all sorts of beautiful, imported genuine Washi/Yuzen papers from Japan. She also sell kits for you to make your own origami dolls. The patterns of the papers are a variety of traditional and playful themes. Truly delightful!

Tinypinc's sells miniature polymer clay charms, in shapes such as yummy rainbow layered cakes, Ice cream and pastries . This one is tinypinc's card, how cute!

It was also very delightful to meet the sweet, fun and bubbly Yin Lim of Craft Candies! Soon we found that we had very very fond memories of Australia...Lincraft and Spotlight to be precise!!! Reminiscing! Ahhhh..... buttons!Lavender! owhhhh....Can't wait to meet her again!

And My Favorite-test one is Pupurin's,
Pupurin is actually a division of Manmanku. Manmanku actually specialises in making quality girls clothes. Soon, owners PanPan and her boyfriend realised that there were many remnants and scraps of cloths left from making the dresses. Hence the beginning of Pupurin.
Pupurin is a concept of using up everybit of materials and not letting it go to waste. It is a concept that loves the earth and is constantly thinking of ways to make it a better place. Pupurin sells trimmed remnants of quality cotton cloths. These come in different sizes, and many of the prints can't be found  locally. They also sell a crafts kit with instructions, template and all materials included. The objective of the kit is to encourage even young children to learn and make crafts, and also to learn that even small things can be made into things (don't waste). I really love their concept! You should hop on over to Panpan's blog to see what they're up to!

So, when we got home:
The damage.....hahaha
These were the 'spoils' of the day! Cute Fabric from Fabric Fanatics!, Lovely heart shaped toggle clasp from Akoe, pretty washi paper stickers from Jaclynbee, Gorgeous Eiffle tower, camera and ribbon bow from Wing's Zakka, and very special buttons from Sally's BagNCraft. Lovely invigorating soap from Lullabelle, cotton tapes from the very kawaii owner of Kawaii Station!

Final words?
I Loved the Bazaar!!!!
P/S...the buttons....belong to mr.Cheng! hahahaha! (tease!) He's still very very manly! I promise!!!


  1. so very sweet! Thanks Sung Ting, you describe it so beautifully! Can't wait to meet up again!

  2. Thanks again, Beii! ^_^ I just hope and try to write from my heart. Truly happy to meet you too, and hope to see you soon! =D