Monday, May 23



I have so much to write that I don't know where to begin! Since the Pipit Wonderful Market 6, I have been so busy and inspired! Finally having the time to have some leisure in making what I want to make. Currently I'm back to embroidery and patchwork... Leaving the crochet hook to rest for awhile.

I've learnt so many things at Pipit Wonderful Market. As a self taught crafter I'm always stingy about buying crafts that other crafters make, because I would think that "I could make that too". Well, I learnt that it's not about whether you can make it yourself. It's about the handmade-life, learning to appreciate what others are gifted to make.

I grew up making lots of stuff, from handmade cards, teddies, jewelry making, embroidery, knitting, crochet  and sewing. But I recently discovered that I had to pick one out of the many stuff I know how to make. One that I really love and want to perfect. And then, do it to perfection. This is what I learnt from the artists at Pipit. So, you will be seeing more of my handmade lace in the future.

It feels different when I buy something that another fellow crafter has made. There is a special feeling in owning something handmade by others, who also put their heart into making the things that they are very good at. Now my work-space is filled with treasures I've found along the way, and it inspires and motivates me in this handmade life. There is warmth in it.

I must confess that lately, I have been doing alot of handmade shopping (grin). And I am one very picky person! I haven't got a nice scrunchie / hair tie for such a long time because I didn't see anything I really liked. Same as my shoes, I waited for almost 3 years?..before getting new ones because I didn't see anything I liked! (yes, I am very picky!)

So, what did I buy? Hahaha....

I ordered this online, from Lazybone Handmade, because I was too slow to check out her store at Pipit Market, and they were all sold out! Isn't the packaging simply beautiful? I cut the paper at the edge so I could keep the packaging!

I requested for the ants cotton tape ^_^ and polka dots!
and its really big and nice so that when I wear it and tie it twice, the patterns on the hair-tie can still be seen!
I just simply fell in love with this small pouch by Yusie Crafts. And her work is so detailed!
I could never make something so pretty! And she even included a handmade card with a sweet little peg. I love them!
absolutely loving whatever I got from Pipit Market!
Bottle-cap Brooches from K'ling Kalang,
Bag tag/keyholder from Absolutely Emmy
Wooden camera phone charms from GeoWood
Limited edition screen print bag from Pipit
craft kits from Pupurin
Postcards by Wonderkitten
the kitty I made from the kit I got from Pupurin ^_^ I modified abit to make it look like me (haha)
And recent visits to Pipit Zakka Store just gets me leaving the store with some new tiny precious treasure!
See the rainbow brooch? Made by TinyPinc. It was the only one there!
I love my rainbow!

badges by Individium from our first visit at Pipit Zakka Store

a bag reversible bag by Sewing Monster
And yesterday, we came home with this little pipit! Isn't it cute! 100% handmade, hand drawn, and only 1 in the whole wide world!
There's only 2 or 3 more left, a robot pipit and a sweet tooth pipit, and a few more keychains!
Go get one before they're all gone!
The packaging was so pretty that we both agreed not to open it. So its hanging at our desk table lamp right now !
Owh and Pipit Zakka Store is really a wonderland for handmade lovers. Its a warm and cosy nest, an entirely different world in that small space! Make a trip there, and you'll understand what I mean.  Everytime, there is always something new to discover! A small space filled with handmades from crafters around Malaysia, how cool is that?!

So that's all for now! I'll be back again  tomorrow, I have so much to write, it's pilling over me!

Till then, Have a MOHsome day! 
And support local crafters, yay! 



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