Tuesday, May 3

Join Me?


Its 3 more days to Pipit Wonderful Market 6! I know, I'm obsessed but you can't blame me because i's the most anticipated event of the year for me! And I'm so nervous, and so excited at the same time, sometimes I wish I wasn't a vendor so I can just go on Saturday for some handmade goodness, but then I wouldn't want to miss out the experience of participating in it! Can't have my cake and eat it eh? But who cares, as long as I'm at right there at the Market on SATURDAY, right?

A little update on my Awareness project, this is what I've made: 
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I made this square board out of recycled polystyrene and attached a piece of calico on it. That's where you'll be putting your signature. Then I embroidered silver colored sequined thread onto a black piece of cloth, and secured 50 silver ribbon pins on it. We bought Sharpies, a colorful bunch, so it will look nice and colorful at the end of the day (crossing my fingers). 

I've attached 50 silver ribbon awareness pins on it, in good faith that you, you and  you will come and take one home, and put down your signature (on the white part of the board) in support of Acceptance for People with Special Needs/Learning Disabilities.

Remember, its 7th May 2011, this SATURDAY from 12 to 7pm, at the Annexxe Galleries, Central Market!
I know its gonna be lots of fun, so don't miss it! See you there!

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