Wednesday, May 11

A meeting of creative minds



Last weekend, Newsong had the opportunity to participate in the long-awaited Pipit Wonderful Market 6, at the Annexxe Gallery, Central Market. It was such a memorable experience! When we arrived at 10.45am, vendors were already setting up their booths. We quickly picked a space and started to unpack and set up our stall. At about 11.30pm, visitors were already waiting to come in!




First of all, thanks to Mike and Ivery for organizing such an awesome event! Thank you for making everything so perfect and comfortable for us (vendors). Newsong appreciates that!

Thanks Kenneth and Chelsia, Siaw Lin, Jeremy, Monica and gang, Suan See, Beii and her father and little Jasper (it was a delight to meet the little fellow!), Melvin and Diva, Thong How and Pei Yee, and Wing's Zakka for stopping by to support us! Also thanks to my two minions, Anne and Shan Huay who were great help to us especially with the awareness project. And finally, thanks to my dearest SC, who support me all the way <3

Actually the excitement hasn't sinked in. And I'm kind of lost for words at the moment, because it was such a huge event for me, and there is so much to write about,  I don't know if I can fairly give credit to all the artists and especially Mike and Ivery who organized the event. So I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.Please click the picture below to go to my Flickr album.


Thank you to all of you who stopped by at our stall, it was nice meeting all of you! I am so glad to so many local crafters, who are really creative and talented! I also had some short moments catching up with old crafty friends.

I didn't manage to go around and take photos, but thanks to my brother in law, I have some photos of the overall event. (Although I still wished that I could take photos of every single stall there was! no kidding!)

And these are what we came home with...


eco-bag from Pipit, Bird bag tag from AbsolutelyEmmy, wooden old-style film-maker by Geowood, cute bottlecap brooches by K'ling Klang, and 2sewing kits by Pupurin
I am so sorry that I cannot write about all the crafters that I admire, there's just to much going on in my head right now. All I can say is All of you ROCK! (Pipit organizer, vendors and visitors)

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