Wednesday, August 3

On A Lighter Note

I know I have been writing quite solemn or even emo entries recently, so here's something that I want to share with all of you...Some humor in my life, in the most unexpected times and places.

Before we had Streamyx at home, we used to frequent Cyber Cafe's to get some online stuffs done. 
And one day, we got a seat beside these 4 gamers, 
we could tell that they were really serious about the game ( ala life and death).

And they annoyed me that they were so noisy especially cursing and swearing and random shouting, spewing out rude remarks. 

I told SC that if I had a chance, I would invent a kind of helmet, like a space helmet kinda gadget, that was interconnected to their team members, and that the helmet had to be soundproof so only they could hear whatever nonsense they wanted to say, ans swear to their heart's content without other people having to hear them and get startled one too many a time.

And then, at that very moment, I heard the most intelligent, wise phrase from one of the loudest of the 4. 

dunno copy



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