Wednesday, August 17

Sucker Punched

Good Morning!
Hope most of you are enjoying your holiday, and those of you who are at work, well, "Keep Calm and Carry On" . Which is quite easily said than done. 

Very recently, after my post about copy-cat-ing, I kinda saw something that looked very very similar to my own work. And my immediate response was "hey! that's mine! and just because you changed the position of the eyes and nose? does it make you a copycat?" 

Then, I took a deep breath and exhaled. Then the phrase came to mind, "Keep Calm and Carry On". So like SC always taught me, I put my attention to something else for awhile, and then as rationally as I can, made mental notes in my head of all the possibilities:

1. Perhaps, we had the same inspiration
2. Perhaps we saw it in the same way
3. Or maybe just hitched on because mine was cute and irresistible not to re-create
4. Great minds think alike
5. Pure coincidence

The list could go on and on and on...but i decided to stop.
I had all kinds of things running in my head, like who had the idea first and given that she was more successful than I who is really really just an amateur in the handmade community. I felt like I was sucker punched.
SC just smiled and listened, helped me think of coincidences and such.

Then suddenly I realised that it doesn't really matter, reasoning about whose is better or who came up with the idea or who gets credit for it and such. (although it doesn't justify copy-cat-ing and pliagarism) It will only make me unhappy and temper with my mood for working on my handmades. And besides, if I continue to think about it, the would be no end to it...just like the Chicken and Egg argument... which one came first? the chicken or the egg?!

So, I decided, to turn around, walk away from it all, "Keep Calm and Carry On" doing what I do and doing it to perfection. I cannot prevent anyone from copy-cat-ing or plagiarizing my work, but i can choose how i respond to it. And I choose to turn around and continue doing what I do, with all my heart and soul. And concentrate on making it better and better and better.

And the reward? SC said " That's the spirit! I'm so proud of you!" And that, for me, was enough! And I'm heading off right now to continue my sewing with a clear and fresh mind. Tata for now =)


  • ever wonder about the origins of the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On?". I've always wondered who came up with it first, and considering the fact that its being used and altered into so many different phrases "Keep Calm And Have a Cupcake" etc. Well, you know what? the original creator remains unknown. And if you're curious like me, do go and have a read about the origins of the phrase, at least you know where it came from, and when you use it, make a mental note that it was a work of an un-named genius =)


  1. ohhh, i saw those bunnies and immediately thought of you! but i brushed it aside anyway , glad you did too! I've encounter stuff like these a couple of times too, it'll take us alot of energy to continuing being angry, and plus, if they did copied us, it just means that they are lack of brain juice, which we should really, pity on :P

  2. Owh!!! (HUGGGGGGGSSSS)I didn't even mention what they were! OMG (I could just give you this extra bug hug right now!) Thanks for thinking of me, =)
    it touched me deeply that you saw what i saw, and thanks for being 'classy' with me =)perhaps lets just all go home and believe we really do have great minds! Much much love to you, Beii <3