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A thousand possibilities

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By now, I hope that the issue about the recent copycat 'maker' has calmed down a little. I am not writing anything to stir up unpleasant feelings, but just to share what I have read and learnt about this topic. It is always a topic that is in my mind. Especially when it comes to finding inspiration when you are having a "crafter's-block".

I've read a few articles about this issue and I just thought that I would share it with all of you, regardless whether you are a crafter, artist, or blogger. Here are some articles about blogging with integrity and of trying to find the fine lines between copying and originality. 

Below is an excerpt from 's article from Dress with Courage 
The Free Dictionary defines a copycat as this:
cop·y·cat  One that closely imitates or mimics another.
v.intr.To act as an imitator or mimic. imitate closely; mimic.
adj.Closely imitating or following another: a copycat version of a successful producta copycat crime.
We are all living in what Lawrence Lessig calls "remix culture." It is a time when there is literally nothing new under the sun. You're very seldom going to get an opportunity to do something that does not build on some cultural, artistic, or technical precedent. Copying is what you're going to be accused of it you produce a design that differentiates only in small or superficial details from someone's work. I personally define copying as creating something absolutely identical to what already exists.
Here’s the problem with copying: Copying skips understanding. You have to be able to understand something in order to personally relate to it. When you copy it, you miss that. You simply recycle an idea which someone else generated, based on their own personal life experience. You have no real connection to it, and will always be removed. For this reason, the copy typically lacks depth and detail. It’s usually pretty close, but there’s something not right about it. Which explains why I felt so uncomfortable in my duplicated look.
Inspiration is when you see possibilities no one has seen before. Inspiration comes when we translate a certain concept into something unique and individual. Developing a style further through the use of different accessories, colors, material, and even proportions immediately makes it personal. When you're inspired by a certain design, look or object, your creativity rises. You have energy to put your own twist on it, and make it your own. 
                                        ~ by  from Dress with Courage 
 Here are 3 more very professionally written entries by Grace Bonney for Design Sponge
And here is another discussion about imitation, inspiration and originality

And one last one, which I think is a must-read =)

Although sometimes copying via C&P (cut and paste) simply shows that you have no confidence in your own creativity, and by copying, you are not only stealing, but hurting the original crafter's feelings. Sometimes copycats don't realize that anyone will notice where they copied from, but I assure you that there are people out there who have done their homework, and know where something came from wen they see it  >.<  and I am one of them.

I hope have not infringed or stolen any heartmades from anyone, but I can't be really sure, so if I have, I am sorry in advance. However, I truly truly believe that real artists have their own flavour and style that no copycat can reproduce. Because what is made with love cannot be reproduced...the love is not there because it doesn't belong to its owner.

Finally, I understand how agreeing about what is right and wrong is easy (as written in my previous post) but Standing up and putting things right is always the hardest part of all. So I just want to thank Pipit for being an advocate for all the crafters out there. Thank you for doing what you do, and for showing your sincere support for handmade and amateur crafters like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am not saying that I am any better, because I may have been guilty without knowing it, but I just want to say that we should all try to search ourselves deep within to find our inner style, and it will come out to be beautiful because it will be from your heart. I do not condemn you, copycat, but instead, I would like to encourage you to find yourself, you could produce exactly the same things, surely you must have some talent in yourself. Be confident, explore and you may be surprised for what you find. Just don't copy anymore, because, like I said, it's hurtful.

When I get uninspired, 
I do these few things:

  1. go out for window shopping...
  2. i try not to go visit other craft sites because it will blur my originality
  3. go out to my favorite places,
  4. read books that inspired me or made me happy (usually children's books)
  5. look for inspiration in the most unexpected places (like go visit a garden or candy shop etc.)
  6. listen to music

So what do you do when you are uninspired?

p/s Owh and it takes just less than a minute to copy a link address or to refer an URL to the   
      original author, so please take less than a minute of your precious time to do so. It will show
      that you have 'class' *winks


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