Wednesday, May 30

Keep Calm

Hi! I'm back ...

Just thought I'd share some funny stuff with you since its Wednesday! =)
Here goes, the evolution of "Keeping Calm"

What started off as a fairly comforting quote...
slowly evolved into more pretty posters

And then, they caught on a sense of humor 
along the way...

And when the naughty people interfered, 
it became like these... =P

And now this...

I can't help but laugh at the last one. 
Are you tired of the Keep Calm posters too?
I just think that too many modifications has made the original one lose its sentiment.
But on a lighter note, we can rest in the fact that there are still many creative people out there!

And just in case you feel like getting a fix by creating your own KEEP CALM thingy into the pool of hilarious KEEP CALMs, you can make your own using a generator HERE.

Have FUN....and shall i say it? (I shall kindly refrain haha!)

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