Friday, June 22

Fancy a Pressie?


My shop, Newsong Handmade Goods, is hosting its very first giveaway starting from 23rd June to 23rd July 2012. It's my first time, so obviously I am very nervous!

But well the main reason for this giveaway is to show my appreciation to all those who have supported Newsong Handmade Goods for these 3 years or so. We are ever so grateful for your kindness and support in everyway.

Shan Chung and I have teamed up together to make 3 prizes for the giveaway. They are a 'new release" jewelry set from the SIgnature Lace series, a set of 4 doilies from the Romantic Living series, and a MYSTERY MOHnimal!

So, if you're curious, and you wanna give it a shot, click the image below to see the details!


Take care and have a Great Weekend!

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