Friday, January 4

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Awhile ago, I made a blog post sharing the Christmas Wonderland Project for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary as they start a new school year. The objective was to make welcome the children into a Christmas Wonderland, filled with snowflakes (as many as possible) to help cheer up their back-to-school environment.
There wasn't enough space to lay all 100 pieces of snowflakes for me to take a photo. But here's a small sampling! 

So here's my update on the snowflakes my husband and I made =) We made up to a 100 pieces of paper-cut snowflakes using square origami paper (white with colorful polka dots). We had so much fun making them. We really hope it will arrive in time for the school opening!

Owh, and if you've noticed, the card on the parcel says "THANK YOU!". Well, Mr. Cheng and I just thought it appropriate to thank the PTSA of Sandy Hook Elementary for giving us a chance to take part in spreading some love and kindness to people in need. Thanks Again!

If you've just heard of this project and you live relatively near the USA, or you are willing to pay for courier fees, you can still join by mailing your snowflakes to this address by the 12th of Jan 2013:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514

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