Monday, January 7

What I've been up to


How was your Weekend? Mine was fairly busy, as I've working on the final updates for the THM re-launch blog design =) You can go check it out here!

I must say I'm quite pleased with myself, hehehe. But now I am having a strong urge to re-design my own blogs soon! Haha, wonder why it is that when I design my own blogs they don't turn out as nice as when I try to do something for others. (scratches head*)

But do head on over and check it out, and while you're at it, give it a go and participate in our "6 days of giveaways" to celebrate the re-launch of The Handmade Movement! The First Giveaway is already ongoing and its really easy to participate! Read the INSTRUCTIONS HERE. And join the 1st Giveaway HERE.

Giveaway #1 ends tomorrow at 10AM malaysian time, so hurry up =)

Have a Great week ahead!

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