Thursday, April 11

Exciting Saturday coming up!

Good morning!

Lately I've been busy assisting Beii with preparations for Supplies Surprise Bazaar 9, happening this 13th of April (this Saturday) at 12-7pm.

I'm pretty excited about this SSB, since its the first one this year. We've been on a short break since our last SSB in November last year.

My job is mainly to promote SSB through our blog The Handmade Movement. So I guess I've been doing a bit more writing over there. Other than that I write short descriptions about vendors and their products. But I must admit that the most challenging part of all is correspondence with potential vendors, confirmed vendors and also customers.

Although it is challenging and mind boggling at times, I find it truly rewarding when I've managed to get the job done well. And I appreciate all the kind words from the vendors that I have corresponded with these few weeks. All of you make my hard work and time worth while! And you were all part of cheering me up on my not-so-good days which was quite frequent this month. Overall, you are all an awesome bunch of people and I can't wait to meet all of you on Saturday =)

If you've been to our previous SSB's you'll know what to expect, except that this time, they will be some surprises and new faces, new supplies and new goodies! I am so excited and I even have to plan on a budget to control my spending...I'm already so so so tempted.

So if you're a craft fanatic like me, or hoard fabrics and pretty little trinkets, love happy stationery and all things handmade, come and visit us this Saturday! And don;t forget to say "Hi!" to me haha =) I'm not particularly sociable, but I guess I can be nice when I'm in good company >.<

Here's a simple poster of the participating vendors this SSB 9.

You can read my blog posts HERE for more details on vendors, and how to get to the venue.


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