Monday, April 29

The Happy Snail Mail Project


I've been doing a great deal of Swapping lately. If you are new to Swapping, its like a system where you meet like-minded people and exchange certain things with people around the world via snail mail =) I swap using Swap-Bot. They have a better description of what swapping is and how it all works. There are all kinds of swaps, like crocheted flower swaps, sticker swaps, handmade swaps and sometimes you get a bonus from your wishlist like unusual ephemera's from another country.

I've gotten old French book pages, foreign maps in foreign languages, teas from other countries and old fashioned ticket stubs =D I know some two particular people will be laughing at me when and if they read this, but never-mind, you just don't get it =.= so just let me be happy with my Bingo card...

So far, it has been quite a fulfilling experience and helps keep my spirits up. It's always nice to receive something in your mailbox from a stranger living across the world from you. And for me what makes me happiest is when the person likes the things I have sent them. That makes my day!

There was a point in time when I thought that all the anger and hardness inside me had robbed me from my ability to make nice random notes and little cards of encouragement just for no particular reason. I used to do this a lot when I was younger. Before all the bad experiences. No matter how I tried, I could not make anything 'nice' like I used to. Until I joined swap-bot. And I am happy that it somehow played a part in helping me re-gain my faith in human kindness and my ability to be nice and to love and forgive.

Again, I am always amazed at how my husband 'tolerates' with my obsessions. Since I started actively swapping, he had to tolerate a lot of papers around the room, and more and more 'junk' (which is actually not junk because they are ephemera's) and brochures and flyers that can be used to make ATC's (Artist Trading Cards and Mail Art. More about what those are in another post.

So I've been thinking lately. I've been sending so much mail to people I don't know. How about I send some to people whom I know. But I'm gonna need your help for this one! I would like to start "the Happy Snail Mail Project" =) 

It's fairly simple. If you like surprises, and love receiving snail mail, fill up a simple form and I'll be sending you some snail mail =) Yeah, I'm serious. So with my fingers crossed, I hope to be getting some response to get the Happy going! Consider it as a simple random act of kindness thingy.

If you're keen, click the image below, and feel free to share this project with your friends.

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